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[October 30th|10.05pm]
alright, okay! :o) Well i just got out of work. I need new pictures of myself on myspace, how vain i know...i dont update my livejournal with stupid shit anymore, yay. I just killed a moth! why is that exciting, you ask? well it was like "hey im gonna annoy her" and so it did...but i prevailed. i need more commissions from work. but for now, work is fine, and everything is good. :o) which brings me to this - emily cannot stop looking at her life negatively (like all the damn time) and it is really starting to get to me, she is always depressed, or something along those lines. and theres always a cause for it - but its always something I did. :0) how lovely! i need more to do...but life is good. me darryl and jeff are prolly gonna go tanning, i have a super cool coupon. 15.00 for six tans. no way i can pass that up!

its at magic tan - i hope its worth my money (hopefully hopefully)

leave me sweet comments. UNLESS you wanna send me emails, then email me, yahoo me, or aim me. im bored, listening to music. and yea...thats about it.
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moved. bitches. [October 5th|1.15am]
Another new year.

another change.

that i hope to stick with.

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the one with the muffler [September 4th|10.32pm]
the muffler on the car rattles and rattles. again. its the third time its happened. is that in any way normal??!! Ive never heard of it happening over and over again to anyone i know. Shes had the car about...8 years? The first time it happened we were going to see titanic. I was a real titanic maniac at the time. So, this big screechy bump thing happens and she says, "ignore it! the car still works, right? let's go!" Ah, that was funny looking back on it. but the muffler is still hanging by a thread (or a bolt, whatever, play along ) and it gave off sparks when she drove because it ran along the ground. Woo. So, we had to go home and not see a movie. boo.

the second time the muffler did it i was at the gun range. I cleaned 3 buildings. I was at the first, no, working on the second. And my mom was in the car and something went kerplunk and i knew it was not good. I turned around and looked to see the thing that had fallen off the car (completely fell off this time). I had no idea what it was, but i was pretty sure that it was important. So, i hailed her down. She didnt care. bah! so, my dad made her fix it. i figured he knew what he was doing. so yea, she got a muffler. my boss at gnc was weird, and he would steal from the register, and said to me one time, "you work here, but i dont know anything about you. tell me about yourself." HMMMMMM. I didnt say much. or something like that. it sounded much sleazier in retrospect. when i first applied for the job, he was so nice. Or maybe he couldnt afford to be suspicious yet. he gave me the job. he would say to me, "you cant make me look bad, i make you look bad, be cool." and he got on the phone alot. he was creepy. HMMM. Suspicious much? (a buffyism. i cant resist.)

yesterday i passed out drunk at jeff's dorm. i always say "i totally cant handle tequila." and you are looking at me like, "yes, and?" It sucked, mang! durrr. i felt like shit today. wooo hangover. so now tomorrow i have to be a daytime person and go to work, while my head will be screaming desperately for sleep. yippee.

What a day, what a day. I'm tired already, it's only 10pm. I'll take a nap! Here in the middle of the night when most people are sleeping anyway. Ah, conformity.

Must go. I really do mean it. I am taking a nap.

there is ice cream, mmm comfort food. happy birthday to me.

Adios, peoples.
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Television to eat to [July 23rd|4.30pm]
there arent enough sitcoms on TV. I have nothing to eat to. Cuz you cant eat to a drama. Theres the gory dramas that you cant eat to for obvious reasons. Bleck. CSI, ER, Medical Investigation, Crossing Jordan. Then there are the non-disgusting dramas. I mean non-gory. sorta. Law and order mostly. Even the sort of lighthearted dramas like Las Vegas. Somehow they all tie your stomach in knots or make you wish you werent eating food while watching them. Egads.

There are so few sitcoms on anymore. What is that about???? More if you count the cartoony ones, which are okay, but nothing i make a point of watching. Blurg. Thus let me dissect the other types. Stuff like Scrubs where the humor is too fast moving and subtle. I have to keep my eyes forward to catch everything thats going on. Friends and Will and Grace i can eat to, though. I can look away from the screen and not miss anything. Plus they are funny! anyway.

Comedies untie your stomach knots. Thats why they are good to eat to, see. I only watch a few channels. And there are other comedies i like too, but they are never on anymore. So, there is nothing to eat too! I used to keep a Frasier DVD in the DVD player so I could just watch 5 minutes of an episode while I eat, and then get back to the computer. (Yes, five minutes, I snarf my food!)

Speaking of the word "snarf", check out www.urbandictionary.com. When I use a word not in a normal dictionary and I still want to doublecheck what it means, I go to Urban Dictionary. Cuz I am that much of a perfectionist. Yowzers.

Anyway, I wanted In and Out and so i went to get some. That all turned out fine. And I actually got 6 hours of sleep last night, in divided doses.

Oh, here's news. I saw a bunch of deer the other day. The Day of a long drive. I went out up by tapo canyon I looked up and there were 4 deer walking in front of my car. Out for a morning stroll. Out for breakfast, apparently. Munching on grass and whatnot as they went. "What looks good this morning?" So funny. And I thought, "Hello! How did I miss this?" Just because I was looking down at papers, a whole mini-herd of deer can sneak by me?! Pish tosh! (I don't know what that means.) They wandered down over to chew on a bush. One of them stopped to watch me, like, "Ooo, look! People!" Heh. Then they noticed me. They were fine with me when I was right in front of them, but from halfway down the block, nooo. One of them stared me down until I got out of the car and went in the house. Pfft! They really hate being stared at. Well, who wouldn't?

I guess that's all my news for the day. I've been thinking of making videoes. Which I am never in the mood to do and it may not happen again. I feel i should do something with my time. Cuz that "Not the Red Baron" vid was really more of an experiment. I like it, but I think it's very.... avant-garde. If "avant-garde" means really weird and hard to understand what the heck I was up to. Heehee.

Well I must go. No reason, except I'll run out of imaginary e-paper if I keep talking. Ciao.
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Hello [July 22nd|7.57pm]
Let's see what happens when i try and post, hmmm?
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Ummmm... [July 22nd|7.55pm]
Well, im tired. Ive finally gotten this thing - is "gotten" a word?- almost the way i want it. Im not thinking straight anymore! bah! okay, time to go. probably. after i post like five more times. Ta!
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Burrrrr.... [July 22nd|7.48pm]
Im not sure i know how to spell "burrrr", but i wish i was cold. the air conditioning is on high and its still hot. fascinating! i know. turn it up. its distracting me. ah, better. i can feel my heart beating in my left ear. its driving me crazy. i keep thinking if i turn my head this way or that way i can make it stop. But no. its like the hiccups. for the ear. its relentless. soon ill start trying to make deals with god to make it go away. i hope i dont sign away my first born or anything. No, that would be a deal with the devil. No, wait, rumpelstiltskin. (i cant believe i can spell that!) Im rambling. really, im just writing, nothing in my life is remotely bizzare. Muahahahahahahaa. Okay, i must go. ciao.
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Bah Humbug! [July 21st|8.43pm]
Microsoft bothers me. pesters me to update my computer. i dont wanna. i already have a firewall and popup blocker. hmm, updates to outlook, though. yum. (??!) Must go do laundry soon. Looove talking to myself in here. Weee! (tone it down, sister!) damn, im hungry. i have to figure out how to backup things on my computer, whatever that means. (you see how little i know.) Argh. is it friday? it is? Damn. I planned to write more, but i gotta go. My update is staring at me from the taskbar. (is that the taskbar? down at the bottom of the screen? or is that at the top? What the fuck!) i could be emo and write poems about how it haunts me. (i need a life.) Sigh. Look at this smiley . Ha! Its face is "plain". Hahaha! For when theres nothing in particular. Ha!! thats so funny! this ones called "doze". But its eyes are open. Fascinating. Must go. later!
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Morning [July 20th|5.12pm]
My computer is so slow. I have a lack of sugar headache. I should start doing something i do with my emails. i write the whole thing, and then i go back and remove the exclamation points. ! Im a little too in love with the exclamation point. (See other stuff. Ah, its not so bad.) it makes me seem hyperactive. or crazy. weee!!! (there it is again.) Im tired right now. but you cant tell. (what? how do i know? maybe you can.) Its almost my dinnertime. its not really morning. i dont know why i called this entry that. except it was morning. this morning. I also think its weird when people (me) spell out their laughter, "hahahahahahaha." it makes it seem maniacal. maniacal laughter. ('looks up "manical". makes sure its a word'.) But i am friends with 'lol' too. So i spell out my laughter...like a...weird....'falls asleep....slumps on the keyboard'...blahhhh...'sleeps with her eyes open' Hehe! (ah damnit, i just broke all my rules.)
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Video Making [July 19th|8.41pm]
I want to learn how to make videos on the computer. But i need "windows movie maker." Which somehow i dont think i have. (sad sad!) Unless something magic happens. And why is windows media player such crap? it cant even handle audio it seems. like it just doesn't wanna work. Grrr. But then i just use itunes. I feel like pierre bernard in his recliner of rage. Hee. (Did that make any sense? conan o'brien show, see.) Im sitting here in semi-darkness. I hate climbing up in a chair (with wheels on the bottom of it, my only chair! Okay, besides that recliner there, ha! truly.) to change the light. Which is what i use when i sit here at the computer. Along with a bunch of other lights to see if i can stretch over enough light over to my computer. Pffft! Mindless. Im babbling. But...im too tired to finish what i was talking about before, so here i am being mindless instead. Ho hum. i guess thats all i have to say. I have to go now. Geeez. Nightie night! (or good morning.)
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Rain [July 17th|9.21pm]
It is i! (im so weird.) A virus attacked my computer. Or at least my sound card. I got very frustrated with it. (Stupid sound card. Blech!) and now theres no sound, so no music. VERY FRUSTRATING. i guess there are things i havent learned yet. paragraph break.

Tee! Anyway, it is so hot out lately. I came out of the grocery store and it was blazing hot. I thought it was terribly convienent because i had just bought water. Pfftt! Then i walked home with no towel (or shirt sleeve) to dry my sweaty face or hands on, so i had to walk home with slippery hands. And sweat dripping into my eyes. And i realized something. Sweat has no chlorine in it. well, dur. but it didnt sting my eyes like pool water. it was AWESOME.

More weird facts about me. well, actually just one. When im doing something fragile and important on the computer - or hell even recording something important on the VCR - im afraid to touch the ground with my feet. [Pause for your laughter.] Hee. im afraid my socks will create static electricity and zap my computer or VCR and put a stop to the whole important thing i was trying to do. My paranoias are very specific.

Mmm, you wanna hear about the deer i saw the other day? i was on the freeway and saw a 'big person' run along the grass next to the freeway. i wondered why anyone would be in such a hurry. i looked over, and it was a deer. I always think that when i see a deer out of the corner of my eye, "Why is that big person walking so rapidly...OH." Duhhh. Hehehehe. Anyway, it was just leaping along happily, not at all concerned a person was watching it leap, and going 80 miles an hour. it sort of bounced off into the hills - la la la - and out of my view. I have many more stories about deer, but this may interest only me?

I love that i write in paragraphs. there are no paragraph breaks in my head. its pretty much a run on sentence in there. all the time! lately ive been telling myself to 'shush!' in my head. and im wondering where i learned the word 'shush.' hmmm...time to go. must bounce around the net happily. la la la.
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Burp [July 15th|7.12pm]
So, im sleeping away and suddenly i am awakened in the middle of my designated sleeping time ("daytime" in laymans terms) by the urge to burp. what? yes, you read right. it was bizarre. i could have been one of those people who burp the alphabet. i almost woke up fully it went on for so long! and i said to myself in my head, "you woke me up for THAT?" i can understand waking up because i was cold or thirsty, but waking up because i need to burp?! sheesh!

Anyway, moving on. Yesterday, or some other day, i dont remember, but RECENTLY, i turned on my computer, and that virusscan button popped up as usual, but this time it said i had some adware virus. like it kept trying to load weird random shit. it was so WEIRD. like a little monkey hanging from the top of my screen, "Heloooo. have something for youuu." No, monkey! go away!

now more weird random facts about me. i once had a disagreement with a boyfriend about how long we would be together. i was willing to be together till death did us part, but he wanted to be together for all eternity. and i said WOA, what if i have something else planned for after my death? i dont know what ill be doing then. but for him, after death was when we were going to get really close and kick it up a notch. that was his favorite part. i said that thats not even the standard. the standard is "till death do us part". that is a socially acceptable level of commitment, yes? but that was not good enough for him. the ways of the world are not our ways. we're different. i forgot exactly what he said. but he was very offended that i thought i would live other future lives with other husbands. he didnt believe in reincarnation. but i thought how am i supposed to learn and grow if i have the same husband in every life? (talk about a weird version of committment phobia!?) So, there you have it. that was an actual conversation i had with my former beloved. Which makes us both pretty weird, i guess. in a beautiful sort of way.

Ah, thats all my news for today. Now im off to drink alot of water and watch pirates of the caribbean. (two totally unrelated things. dont strain yourself!) Ciao.
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Win XP SP2 [July 5th|3.32am]
I finally download the behemoth service package. i backed up all my files and tapped the windows service icon and said "okay! im ready to update now," and i clicked the download button. it ignored me! ruuuuude! So, i went to the windows update site to do it myself. Hmph. then after it downloaded, automatic windows update woke up and started to wrestle manual windows update for my attention. they struggled for a bit, and automatic update emerged the victor. then it got to work saying, "Don't worry. go do your thing and ill download the update. ill let you know when its ready!" pfft! then auto update realized everything had already been downloaded. and quietly, with a red face, it showed me the agreement to read through again. hm! then it got down to business and started to download the gigantic update. the update installed without incident, after a looong wait, and auto update said not another word.....embarressed, i guess.

Say "Win XP SP2" three times fast.

Anyways, i have no other news. it made me type in my password again at a few websites, but other than that i havent had any problems. i love the popup blocker! it works better than the google toolbar. google seems to freak out when it catches a popup. theres a firework flash and a 'pop!'. but the IE blocker just goes 'blip', and casually mentions it at the top of the screen, "Oh, by the way, i caught a popup." and another, and another, 'blip, blip'. i love it! google toolbar cant handle two in a row. go, IE popup blocker, go!

you'd think i have no life. im sure i did other things today. i just cant for the life of me remember what they were! Ah, well. i woke up and then i....nope, no clue. probably ate breakfast...bah! wrote down my dreams in my real diary. hmm. enough thinking aloud! i must go see what other weirdness abounds. ye never know, do ye?

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Good Morning, Angels [June 27th|9.31pm]
"good morning, charlie!" Yea im weird. and aaron spelling died which kind of makes me sad. He knew how to make some drama! in all veins. He created everything from 7th heaven, to the love boat! Wooooo! Hurrah for the easily amused!! But a tv show doesnt look easy to make. does that make me NOT easily amused? Hmmm. something to ponder.

in other news, i think the arbys oven mitt has jumped the shark. now he has his own mini oven mitt. what? sure, i bought all the other silly commercials, but why, arby's, why? i mean, er, uh....i really liked all the other oven mitt commercials, but it appears i may be the only one. (google it. yikes.) but now, it does not make me laugh anymore. who knows why? such is life. and if you think i have too much time on my hands to be writing about (or, god forbid, THINKING about) this, au contrare, looky here [Click Me!] Hmm. (okay, i still have too much time on my hands. I did, after all, google "arbys oven mitt." )

You ever watch "Studio 7?" Fascinatingly weird. its a trivia game show reality show...show. I love the creepy little "help me....." ahhhh! eee!

I had all kinds of quirky real life things to say, but then the television got ahold of me. and this is what happens. tsk tsk. pfft. well!

mmm, guess ill go now. sleep tight. dont let the bed bugs bite. (ewwwww.)
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dancing in the dark [June 25th|8.35pm]
Sweet mother of all that is good and pure. i am bored. Enough with Working! Ahhhhhh!!! the money is good, but day after day...!!!?? Blech. I want a new job. i need to look. I have gym and work. and work is overrun with drama. Icky!

anywho. i need more friends on this thing. Nah, not really. No, its a livejournal its for me. I like the arbys oven mitt.

Now let me tell you a story about how bored i am. I got my ears pierced at claires a long time ago. (well yea, a long time ago.)

and speaking of ear piercings, since we may as well continue, i got the cutest earrings at hot topic. They are little plastic hearts and ribbons. i love them! they're so cool. They were only a dollar fifty, and because i am a jew who cannot resist a deal, i had to have them. Ch'yes! too bad i cant wear them with anything.

Also, i am totally sad because i lost my pink headband? i lost it in the mall. even though i only had it a day. Hee. The ganesh of the black people. ROTFLMFAO!

Ah, i need a life. ive realized that all i do is sit. at the computer, in front of the tv, and then i leave my house and go other places and sit. So, ive started excercising by going to the gym. With cute little booty shorts coz my ass is so cute anyway. (yea, im conceited and you love it.) I also like to dance in the dark because i am just that fucking hardcore. and hardcore people go to the gym and look cute. And work the fuck out! and feel good. And be awesome. so, there i am, being awesome. because i am a dork who thinks shes super cool. Japanese rap is funny as hell.

and now it is shower time. I think i need it. bah. night for now then. cheers.
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Clocks [June 24th|10.32pm]
Hellooo. Let me tell you the tale of yesterday. okay, only part of it. Cuz the rest is boring. more boring. - we now interupt this broadcast. how funny is this? I go to look up "boringer" in an online dictionary(dont ask why), and it says "there is no entry for that. did you mean 'boring-er'?" So, i click on "boring-er", and it says, "there is no entry for that. did you mean 'boring er?'" So, i click on that, and it says "There is no entry for that. try looking up the words seperately." So, i click on "boring", and well, there you go. Helpful!!!

anywho, the tale of yesterday. the power went out twice while i was asleep. i woke up once to the clock flashing 12-something, and then again to no numbers at all. then i woke up and there was power, and i had to fix my clock. okay, no biggee. i look at the wall clock in the kitchen, which runs on a battery, and has a face and hands. you know, the kind they teach you to read in third grade or whatever. The big hand is on the four, so i think "okay, its 6:40." and changed my clock to 6:40. PAH! then i sit down awhile later, and the kitchen wall clock reads "6:35." and i think "am i losing my mind?!!?!?!?" then i realize im a moron who cant tell time, and i read the clock wrong before, BUT i no longer trust myself to tell the time right, so i call time and temperature to see what time it really is. Pfft. then i have to change my clock again. AGAIN!!! it was early in the morning. . Okay, it wasnt. i waited all day to fix my clock and then in my regular daytime brain, i forgot how to tell time. Pfftttt...!

Now ill tell you my crazy cool plan for world domination. Okay, i lied again. its really my crazy plan for...weight loss and health and such, I guess. I want to try going vegan (Im the farthest thing from it at the moment),but i only want to go halfway. So, i decided if i cant SEE the dairy or eggs, then its an okay food to eat. coz there must be less dairy and eggs in it, yes? like, i cant eat pizza, nachos, mac and cheese, french toast, or omelets. But i can eat muffins, burritos, taquitos, bread, CAKE, COOKIES, and umm...peanut butter granola bars. i dont know, you get the idea. lets see if it makes me less fat!!! woo hoo! yeah. hmm. i danced today, though. it could happen. someday i will tell the story of my weight loss and gain in here. but its too long, so not now.

okay, one more seriously random fact about me. in freshman year i had this flourescent lime green t-shirt with hot pink writing on it (i was a freshman, play along). i loved it. i thought it was mucho cool. but i wouldnt wear it to school. i was afraid it would call attention to me. Like "what is that bright spot...you, answer the question." of course, it could have had the opposite effect. "No, dont call on the girl in the bright shirt. too obvious....you. guy in gray curled up in the corner. answer the question." hehehe.

And now for the day's funny quote from Friends.

Chandler: "Look, you're a really nice person... ham stealing and adultery aside."

Hmm. I like them better out of context. No, not really, but here's more:

Chandler to Joey: "I'm sorry, man. There's never a good time to have to stop catching on fire."

And one more!

Chandler: "It's Sir Isaac Newton, and he's pissed. Quick, Pheebs. Up on the ceiling!"

Hehehehe. you should see my typos. man, im longwinded tonight. but im gonna go. BAH!! (okay, this one's scary: )

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[June 18th|4.30pm]
today was fun, but then most of my days tend to be fun! :o) I played nintendo yay. hehe. i used to own at nintendo and now i suck. plus it was a bitch to hook up (from what i saw because i am not a big strong man like darryl) just to be unplugged. however it was fun to play mario (i suck!) but it was all good and fun, etc. I am too easily entertained. i know this, but however...i still love my life. anyways...talk to you all later. :o)
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[June 17th|5.06am]
okay! I am sitting here at home on a frikkin friday night. :o( el sucko. i want to do something. maybe go swimming or something, it is so hot out lol. And wouldn't you know it, i have like no access to a pool, that's just wrong and I am slightly peeved over that. So yea work is as ridiculous as ever. Another reason, to yell at me, and by my book, it isn't cool at all! So everything i do is wrong or something. *sigh* I dont want to get fired for nothing. Noooo!! It can't be lol. Either way i need a job, just to have money. jill is a jew, and you know what they say, jews are money tight. so im screwed. But i hope not? :o)
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[June 14th|10.08pm]
Okay okay so I am indeedy updating my livejournal. Sunday night was fun, i went to san francisco! but only like for two hours, it was more about the journey anyway lol. :o) Anyways i got unsuspended at work which is really funny. And i think he is looking to replace me.. but oh haha, i am one step ahead of him. What the fuck? I mean, I dont know what to say. hes a douche is about it. I mean like a really big douche... i am making him angry or something, I really dont know. I don't really like that idea at all. *shrug* Whatever, im sure my next job will be better. :o) I still have to do headshots of darryl, one day. But probably not until then. go headshots! I need to change up my myspace pictures. I like the fire pictures, I remember that day, with officer yokum... im rambling, im done.
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[June 12th|4.50am]
okay i am updating this journal i know i should update it more but see i am fucking lazy. life is alright lol. :0) i am just trying to find my niche in society. yesterday sucked, darryl broke off his key in the work door, so i had to pull 55 dollars out of my own pocket to pay for it. :o) also - jill will shut the mother fuck up. It is pissing me off. and just dandy, i feel all pissed. the last thing i want to talk about, is all she can fucking run her mouth about. i am so fed up with work. my manager is a huge douche, whos trying to fuck me over as his scapegoat. he always pins all the shit he does on me. i tell you this. i am not gonna work there much longer. i need a new job. its time, time to start looking. i dont update this much, maybe i should. i miss lots of things. i dont know what the hell i am saying. my mom needs to shut the fuck up. Seriously! i am going to bitchslap her, and soon - it is making me so angry.
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